Account Types

Milton Markets offers an account type that allows everyone, from overseas Forex beginners to advanced users, can use and enjoy it safely and safely. In both account types, there is no external fee for high -leverage, so it is possible to trade with a stable contract and narrow spread.

Milton Markets account types

FLEX account

The flex account is ideal for all traders, including beginners and advanced users, and can be used for fixed high -vertics.Features include stable contracts, stable narrow spreads, and requests.

Smart account

The smart account is a high -leverage account that fluctuates depending on the balance.As a feature, it is possible to trade with a tight spread than a flex account.

ELITE account

The ELITE account provides tighter spreads than the SMART account, ideal for traders seeking narrow spreads and fast-paced trading strategies like scalping.

PAMM Account

A PAMM account (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is an investment account format that pools the funds of multiple investors into one account for management.
A key advantage is that it allows individual traders to grow their assets using the skills of a trader without requiring high levels of expertise or experience themselves.

Comparison of accounts


FLEX accountSMART accountELITE account
Contract size1lot = 100,0001lot = 100,0001lot = 100,000
LeverageUp to 1:500*Up to 1:1000*Up to 1:500*
Transaction feenonenoneOne-way 0.2pips /1 lot*
Zero cut guarantee
Spread (major currency)1.7 Pips -1.0 pips -0.2 pips -
Maximum number of positions100 (FOREX)200 (including reserved order)100 (including reserved order)
Minimum lot size0.01 Lots0.01 Lots0.01 lots
Maximum lot size100 Lots50 Lots50 lots
Trading bonus×
Hedging in the same account
Minimum deposit amount50 USD100 USD5000 USD
Margin call100%100%100%
Stop -out50%50%50%

✳︎ The leverage of the smart account is determined by the balance of the account.
1:1000 ( Up to 1,500USD)
1:500 ( Up to 10,000USD)
1:200 (10,001USD and up)
✳︎The leverage of the flex account is determined by the balance of the account.
1:500 ( Up to 10,000USD)
1:200 (10,001USD and up)
✳︎The leverage of the elite account is determined by the balance of the account.
1:500 (Up to 20,000USD)
1:200 (Up to 100,000USD)
1:100 (100,001USD and up)
✳︎PAMM master account is 120%margin calls and 100%stop -out.
✳︎For PAMM Investor account, the minimum deposit is 30,000 JPY.
✳︎The leverage restriction due to the balance is converted by 1USD = 100JPY.
✳︎If you deposit by currency other than JPY (USD / EUR),
it will be converted by the rate when depositing is reflected.
✳︎Elite account is not eligible for bonuses.
✳︎0.2 pips/1 lot one way. (e.g.) 0.2 pips for USDJPY = 200JPY.

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