Execution conditions / contract time

Milton Marketz has built an environment where customers can directly access the market. Your order will flow directly to the market. Therefore, customers can be contracted at a more advantageous price.

Rejection of contract, no request

Milton Markets adopts the NDD method and uses the latest technology to provide the best trading environment to customers, providing the best -for -quality price.
Milton Markets does not provide customers with contract refusal and recovery because the customer's trading opportunity is impaired.

We are not STP brokers

STP (Straight-Through-Processing) is one of the most misleading terms in the FX industry.
It is thought that this term is related to the execution received from the broker, but the STP actually has the optimal execution (speed and price) provided by the customer, then the broker counter party. This is the process to do between.
The types of execution techniques provided by Milton Markets are classified as NDD methods.

We are not an ECN broker

ECN (Electronic Communication Network) is often confused with the NDD method.
ECN refers to anonymous communication between the transaction execution partner.
In the ECN, there is a possibility that it will actually lead to an unreliable contract and a disadvantageous price.
Milton Marketz is operated as a true nody broker for customizing the customer's order without intervening the digging desk.

NDD system

Milton Markets is connected to many recyidity providers, making full use of the latest technology.
Customers can access the market more directly.
We do this by working with some of the industry's top liquidity and technology providers.
We are also realized in the industry by collaborating with the top -level recyidity providers and technology providers.Milton Markets is located as a trading platform provider and does not take a position as a market maker or a fluid supply for customer's order.

NDD method

Milton Markets has invested a lot of time and resources so that customers can provide the best trading environment, achieving a very deep fluidity and ultra -high -speed contract.
Therefore, customers can receive very narrow bid and Ask prices.
Milton Markets always monitors the transaction system and the customer's execution speed so that they can upgrade.

Ordering method

In the Milton Markets platform, you can place the market order, place a limit order, order, and order trails.
Customers can order at any time during trading hours.
When the customer orderes and executes, the position becomes open.
After that, the position will be unpaid until the customer is closed by making a payment.
Unpaid positions are always re -evaluated at the current market price, and you can check your account balance in real time on the platform.

Order order

Transactions up to 50LOTS (5 million currencies) are possible with one order.
If you want to make an order exceeding 50lots, you can order it in multiple.

Limited order / reverse finger value order

Transactions up to 50LOTS (5 million currencies) are possible with one order.
If you want to make an order exceeding 50lots, you can order it in multiple.

Order execution at the time of market opening

Milton Markets provides directly to customers who have an open position across public holidays.
Normally, when the market opens, the spread is often increased, so please note that it may be a disadvantageous price for customers.

High -speed average consisting time within 0.1 seconds

Milton Markets is designed so that extra time loss is less likely to occur because the customer's order is directly used to the market.
This is used by Milton Markets to use the latest technology and is in a partnership relationship with many cover destinations.

High -speed contract backing

Milton Markets has a partnership mainly for European recyidity providers, and has a lot of liquidity in the LD4 location center of EQUINIX (Equinics) used by many financial institutions, and the best price for customers. Is provided.

Slipage guarantee system

If your order meets all the following conditions, we will pay the customer's account a difference between the order price and the contract price (slippage).

Slipage width is 1 pips or more
The contract time is 500ms or more
The contract time is not 60 minutes except for 60 minutes at the time of the market opening.
The contract time is 30 minutes except for the index announcement, news, etc.

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