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New registrants only ‼️ No Deposit Bonus of $50!

🎊 Exclusive for New Registrants 🎊

No initial deposit required! Receive a $50 bonus upon account opening!!

Offer limited to those who open a SMART or FLEX account for the first time. We’ll gift you a $50 account opening bonus.

After receiving your bonus, you can start trading immediately! Seize this opportunity and try out Milton Markets to the fullest!

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October 1, 2023 (Sun) - End date to be determined.

Campaign Details

For new registrants, we are gifting a $50 bonus to be used in trading for those who open an account (either a SMART or FLEX account) for the first time.

*After opening your Smart or Flex account for the first time, the bonus will be granted automatically. No need to apply.

Eligible Accounts


*PAMM Investor accounts and discretionary accounts other than SMART and FLEX accounts are not eligible for the account opening bonus.

*ELITE account is not eligible.

Withdrawal Conditions for Profits

  1. A deposit of 30,000 JPY/ 300 USD or more within 30 days after receiving the bonus.
  2. Achieve 7 lots in major and minor currency pair trades after the deposit.

*The bonus can only be used as margin and cannot be withdrawn.

*Lot count starts after the deposit.

*Trading in currency pairs (excluding the Hong Kong dollar)

*CFD trades are not counted.

*Currency pair lot counts start after the deposit. Trades before the deposit are not included in the lot count condition.

Points to Note

The account opening bonus will be awarded once per person.

If you have previously received the account opening bonus, you are not eligible for this campaign.

After opening an account, login details will be sent to your registered email address. If you can’t find it, please check your spam folder.

If you still can’t find it, please contact support at (

Terms and conditions of the campaign can be found here.

New No Deposit Bonus‼︎

At Milton Markets, we gift a 5,000 account opening bonus to our new registrants upon account opening.

Eligible accounts are SMART and FLEX.

Seize this opportunity and try out Milton Markets to the fullest!

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