Customer protection system

Milton Markets offers the following two warranty systems so that customers can trade safely with peace of mind.Therefore, you can trade with a wide range of people, from those who have just started FX to specialized traders.

Two warranty systems of Milton Markets

Slipage guarantee system

If your order meets all the following conditions, we will pay the customer's account a difference between the order price and the contract price slippage.

Slippage width is more than 1 pips
The contract time is 500ms or more
The contract time is not 60 minutes except for 60 minutes at the time of the market opening.
The contract time is 30 minutes except for the index announcement, news, etc.

Zero cut warranty system

Milton Markets has introduced a zero cut guarantee system to protect the funds of individual customers.
In the unlikely event that the account balance is negative for individual customers, the negative balance will be reset. Therefore, there is no loss (addition) of account balance or higher.
Market liquidity may be higher than the customer's expected, the order is concentrated, and conversely, the liquidity may not be closed at the desired price at the time when the order is low.
Even in an irregular situation where orders in the market are concentrated, if the set position cannot be closed and the margin is negative, a zero cut warranty will not be charged without any loss of margin.
Milton Markets resets multiple times a day by a day.
If your account balance is displayed negatively, please contact the customer support.

*Even if you pay in a negative state, please be assured that if you can contact the customer support, we will fix it.
*Not applied to corporate accounts.

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