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What is Meta Trader 4 (MT4)?

MT4 that demonstrates excellent performance in the desktop environment.
It has a very durable chart creation, technical analysis package, and you can customize the trading environment to your preference as much as possible.
Orders and order changes can be performed from the chart, and it also supports one -click transactions.
It is designed assuming automatic transactions, and it is possible to execute EA (automatic trading software) transactions and other scripts.
In addition, we provide various tools on the platform.

MT4 for Mac [ Download ]

✳︎After logging in to My Page, it can be downloaded from [MT4 download] in the menu.

Features of MT4 for Mac desktop

Access more than 80 types of financial products including FX and CFD
Transaction with EA (expert advisory)
Technical analysis with many indicators
One -clickable
Hedge trading is possible
Transaction history report
Streaming news
Management of order / position / margin maintenance rate


You can use MT4 for free on your Mac computer.

64 -bit compatible

Almost the same as 32 -bit MT4

Built -in EA function

Popular MT4 Expert Advisor
And support indicator


Send to be affected by malware
Unlike Windows counter part products,
Providing high safety

MT4 for Mac [ Download ]

✳︎After logging in to My Page, it can be downloaded from [MT4 download] in the menu.

How to install

You can use MT4 for free on your Mac computer.

How to install with MacOS Big Sur Drug & Drop

  • Download on the [MT4 Download] tab in My Page
  • Drag & drop to application
  • You can start, log in to your account, and start trading

How to install on MacOS Big Sur & Catalina

  • Download Milton MaketSMT4 compatible Mac
  • Drag & drop to the application folder
  • Start Milton Markets MT4 in the application folder


  • The following warnings are displayed, but click on the cancellation.
    Be careful not to put the installed app in the trash can.

  • Next, go to [System Environmental Settings[ and [Security and Privacy] To find.
    On the [General] tab, click [Open as it is].

  • When MT4 is started, reboot to the latest version may be automatically performed.
    When the reboot is completed, it will be available.

The reason why such a warning message is displayed is that Metakarts has not developed the official edition software.
In this way, Apple tells you that the developer has not been confirmed by issuing such a warning message.
Safety: We perform an essential test and provide MAC compatible MT4 without malware.

Other installation method

After installing the Milton Mac MT4 by the above method, it can be opened by the following procedure if not open.

  • Open the terminal on M1 Mac.
    You can search by type [Terminal] in the search window enclosed by the red square in the image below.

  • After opening the terminal, this window is displayed.

  • Type [XATTR -CR] in half -width English in the window.
    Please note that there is space after each R.

    ✳︎Note the space after each r.
  • After entering [XATTR -CR], open the application folder and drag and drop the MT4 Mirton Markets app like an image.

  • When dragging and dropping, the red line of the image is displayed.
    Then press the Enter key.

  • Press the Enter key to display the contents of the image.
    After confirming the display, reopen MT4 Milton Markets again.

MT4 for Mac [ Download ]

✳︎After logging in to My Page, it can be downloaded from [MT4 download] in the menu.

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