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🌧️ Rainy Season Rewards! 40% Deposit Bonus Campaign

✨ Let the sound of the rainy season be the background music for your asset growth opportunities!

“🌧️ Gifts of the Rainy Season! 40% Deposit Bonus Campaign” now underway!

Even the damp and humid rainy season brings great opportunities in the world of investing. Start fresh trades that blow away the moisture. This campaign offers a special opportunity for everyone, from new traders to veterans who have long supported us.

Throughout June 2024, use the rainy season to elevate your trading skills to the next level. Take advantage of this special campaign to aim for success in the markets.

Until June 30, 2024 (Sunday)

*Deposit bonuses will be credited to your account within approximately one business day (excluding weekends) after deposit.

Campaign Details

During the campaign period, making a deposit with the campaign code “つゆ” (written in Hiragana) will provide you with a 40% deposit bonus usable in trading.

*The maximum bonus amount is 400,000 yen equivalent (up to a total deposit of 1,000,000 yen)
*You can use this bonus multiple times until you reach the maximum bonus amount of 400,000 yen. (However, if you withdraw any amount during the campaign period, you will not receive a bonus for any additional deposits made during that period.)
*Withdrawals during the campaign period will disqualify you from receiving the bonus.
*After depositing with the promotion code, if you have an account on X (formerly Twitter), follow and retweet our official X account.

Eligible Accounts
SMART accounts, FLEX accounts

All deposit methods are eligible.

(For BitWallet deposits, enter “つゆ” in Hiragana in the campaign code field. For bank deposits, please include your name, your Milton account number, and “つゆ” in either the remarks section or the depositor’s name field.

*For bank transfers, where Hiragana input is not possible, you may enter “ツユ” or “TSUYU” to be eligible.

Campaign Code
つゆ (Hiragana input required)

Terms and Conditions
*If your account balance falls below zero, the trading credit will be immediately removed, and you will not be able to trade using only the bonus credit.
*If your balance falls below zero, regardless of whether there are open positions or not, the bonus credit will be immediately removed.

*If you withdraw any amount during the deposit campaign period, no bonus will be awarded for additional deposits during that period.

Also, if you withdraw temporarily to use this campaign and then deposit again, the campaign will not apply.

*The deposit bonus will be credited to your account within approximately 1 business day (excluding weekends, within 24 hours) and can be used as part of your margin for trading.

*Some accounts are not eligible for the bonus.

*The deposit bonus will be voided if there is a withdrawal request or fund transfer.

*This campaign cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, except for the bank transfer fee waiver campaign.

*When depositing via bank transfer, please include the campaign code in the email body when submitting the transfer receipt to support.

Click here to see the Campaign Terms.

🌥️ June 2024, let’s change the flow of investments this rainy season.

🌥️ In June 2024, as the rain continues, let’s further expand the possibilities in investing.

The “Gifts of the Rainy Season! 40% Deposit Bonus Campaign” is available only until June 30th. Take advantage of this special deposit bonus to accelerate your success in FX trading!

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