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🐉Kick Off the New Year with Savings! Get up to a 400,000 Yen Bonus in Our Campaign!

🎉 Welcome the new year and aim for success in Forex trading! 🎍

With our “Kick Off the New Year with Savings! Get up to a 400,000 Yen Bonus Campaign!”, we will help take your Forex trading to the next level 🚀

Don’t miss this special opportunity, whether you’re a new customer or have been trading with us already!

During the limited period until January 31, 2024, seize the chance to succeed in the Forex market with the help of our bonus!

Campaign Period

Until January 31, 2024 (Wednesday)

*The deposit bonus will be credited to your account within approximately 1 business day (excluding weekends).


During the period, when you deposit with the campaign code”しんねん(entered in Hiragana) , you will receive a 40% deposit bonus that can be used for trading.

*Maximum bonus amount: 400,000 yen equivalent (applicable to total deposits up to 1,000,000 yen)
*You can use the bonus as many times as you want until you reach the maximum bonus amount of 400,000 yen.
(However, if you withdraw even once during the campaign period, no bonus will be provided for additional deposits made within that period.)
*Withdrawals during the campaign period will exclude you from the bonus.
*After depositing with the promo code, if you have a X(Twitter) account, follow and retweet our official X(Twitter).



All deposit methods are eligible.

For bitwallet deposits, enter “しんねん” in Hiragana in the campaign code field.

For bank deposits, include your name, Milton account number for the deposit, and “しんねん” in either the remarks or remitter name fields.

*For bank transfers, since Hiragana input is not possible, you can write “シンネン” or “SHINNEN” to be eligible.

Campaign Code


(Hiragana input required)


*If you withdraw even once during the campaign period, no bonus will be provided for additional deposits made within that period. Also, temporary withdrawals followed by a redeposit to use this campaign will not qualify.

*The deposit bonus will be credited within approximately 1 business day (excluding weekends) and can be used as part of your margin for trading.

*The deposit bonus will be invalidated if a withdrawal request or fund transfer is made.

*Cannot be combined with other campaigns, except for the domestic bank transfer fee waiver campaign.

*When depositing from a domestic bank, please submit the transfer slip to support and include the campaign code in the email.

For the campaign terms and conditions, click here

💫 A chance to accelerate your Forex trading growth in 2024!

🚀 Our campaign is a limited-time offer, available only until January 31. Grab the opportunity to get up to a 400,000 yen bonus and take a new step in Forex trading!

If you don’t have an account yet, register here, open a trading account, and Get your deposit bonus!

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