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Virtual Private Server

Our free VPS plan brings you the best experience for FX trading.

If you would like VPS please inform us on our VPS Form. Our support team will ensure that your VPS settings are customized, and let you know by email when it’s ready.

Q. What is VPS?

Our VPS (Virtual Private Server) plan is an Internet hosting service through private servers.

(1) Best for EA trading

Running MT4 through the VPS server averts any external interference, such as a sudden blackout, an unexpected shutdown, or the aging degradation of machines. You don’t have to connect MT4 on your PC to the live internet for 24 hours during EA trading.

(2) Faster Executions

By using our VPS plan, it warrants faster orders and better rate executions. The trading platform from Milton Markets brings you the best advantage as possible that we can provide.

Q. What are benefits of Milton VPS?

Milton Markets serve VPS focusing on EA (Expert Advisor) trading that is shared all over the world. It can be said that it is a “must-have” trading setup when you get into EA trading.

You don’t have to connect MT4 on your PC to the live internet for 24 hours during EA trading. We are proud of Milton VPS in its stability since it its servers have rarely been down. You can access Milton VPS through smartphones and PCs, from anywhere, anytime. No need to worry about an accidental shut down of your computers.

Additionally, it is good to know for traders that are intermediates and above who want to derive the maximum benefits. It allows you to do EA trading in ultra low latency.

*LATENCY : delay time that happens while server devices make orders and it are returned back.

Free VPS hosting

EA friendly

Ultra low latency

Q. How about domestic VPS in Japan?

Other VPS plans served by domestic companies in Japan never make a difference on the distance from Japan to New York or London. They are not able to minimize latency between Japan and New York data centers.

Milton Markets locate our servers in New York. In our data center, Milton servers and VPS servers sync together. That is why we always deliver you faster executions.

Q. How can I use Milton Free VPS?

Using MT4 on Milton VPS is totally the same, in comparison to using MT4 on your PC. You do the same, we’ll make the difference!

Milton Free VPS is available free for customers meeting the conditions below:

     Credits 50,000 JPY / 500 USD and above at application

     Completed trading total 2 lots and above in a month

* When your trades are less than 2 lots total per month, You will be charged 2,000 JPY / 20 USD from your account as a continuing fee for the VPS server plan. When your credits are less than the continuing fee, we will collect your credits and unfortunately cancel your VPS server plan.

* Please contact our Support Center first, if you want to quit trading through the VPS plan.

* When you cancel the VPS plan and your trades are less than 2 lots total per month, you will be charged 100 JPY / 1 USD per day until the cancelation is completed. For example, if you cancelled 15 days after signing up with the VPS plan, you will be charged 1,500 JPY / 15 USD for 15 days. 2,000 JPY / 20 USD is the single price for cancellation after 20 days and over.

* When your trades are more than 2 lots total per month, you don’t need any continuing fees for the free VPS plan.

* The VPS plan will be canceled if the account has been inactive for over 3 months. (It will not be canceled if the account holds open positions.)

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