Upcoming Trading Hour Schedule (April 5-25, 2023)

We would like to inform our clients that our trading schedule will be changing as follows due to the holidays.

Please make sure to check the trading hours for each symbol.

All times are server time (GMT+1)

Wednesday 5th of April – Ching Ming Festival & Norway Half DayThursday 6th of April – Holy Thursday & Half DayFriday 7th of April – Good Friday
FXNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
CryptosNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
AXS200.mNormal HoursEarly Close 15:00Closed
DAX40.mNormal HoursNormal HoursClosed
US30.mNormal HoursNormal HoursEarly Close 14:15
IBEX35.mNormal HoursNormal HoursClosed
CAC40.mNormal HoursNormal HoursClosed
HK50.mClosedNormal HoursClosed
NIKKEI225.mNormal HoursNormal HoursClosed
N25.mNormal HoursNormal HoursClosed
STOXX50.mNormal HoursNormal HoursClosed
SWI20.mNormal HoursNormal HoursClosed
FTSE100.mNormal HoursNormal HoursClosed
S&P500.mNormal HoursNormal HoursEarly Close 14:15
NASDAQ.mNormal HoursNormal HoursEarly Close 14:15
US stocksNormal HoursNormal HoursEarly Close 14:15
UKOUSD.mNormal HoursNormal HoursClosed
USOUSD.mNormal HoursNormal HoursClosed
XAGUSD.mNormal HoursNormal HoursClosed
XAUUSD.mNormal HoursNormal HoursClosed
Monday 10th of April – Easter MondayTuesday 25th of April – Freedom Day
FXNormal HoursNormal Hours
CryptosNormal HoursNormal Hours
AXS200.mClosedLate Open 8:10
DAX40.mClosedNormal Hours
US30.mNormal HoursNormal Hours
IBEX35.mClosedNormal Hours
CAC40.mClosedNormal Hours
HK50.mClosedNormal Hours
NIKKEI225.mNormal HoursNormal Hours
N25.mClosedNormal Hours
STOXX50.mClosedNormal Hours
SWI20.mClosedNormal Hours
FTSE100.mClosedNormal Hours
S&P500.mNormal HoursNormal Hours
NASDAQ.mNormal HoursNormal Hours
US stocksNormal HoursNormal Hours
UKOUSD.mNormal HoursNormal Hours
USOUSD.mNormal HoursNormal Hours
XAGUSD.mNormal HoursNormal Hours
XAUUSD.mNormal HoursNormal Hours

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