FX Ten Thousand Yen Challenge

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December’s 10,000 Yen Challenge!

🌠 A New Adventure Begins – Take on the December 10,000 Yen Challenge!

With the arrival of winter, the fierce battle ignites once again. Magnificent prizes await the top 3 traders!

🥇 1st Place: A dream prize of 1 million yen!
🥈 2nd Place: 500,000 yen prize
🥉 3rd Place: 200,000 yen prize

Start your adventure with an initial 10,000 yen and aim for the ultimate achievement!
Challenge new missions and enhance your trading skills.

✨ May your star shine the brightest in the intense battle among traders! ✨

Your chance to seize the glorious prize is here!


10,000 Yen Challenge

Entry Acceptance Period

From December 1st (Friday) to December 10th (Sunday), 2023, until 23:59 Japan time

* Please finish the payment of the participation fee (or fund transfer) by the last day of entry.

Holding Period

From December 11th (Monday) to December 25th (Saturday), 2023, until 06:54 Japan time

* Two-week challenge
* Starts from the market open on November 13th (Monday).

Participation Fee

10,000 JPY

* Fund transfers from other accounts are also permitted.

Challenge Conditions

Starting balance: 10,000 JPY

Eligible trades: Currency pairs only

Leverage: 1:1000 (1:500 if the balance is over 150,000 JPY)

Number of entry accounts per person: 1 account

(1) Complete at least 1 lot of trade during the period.

(2) The profit rate must reach 200% or more.

(3) Set a nickname for the challenge account.

※ If all three conditions are met, the challenge is successful!

Important Notes

  • All open positions must be settled by the end of the challenge period.
  • No additional deposits or fund transfers during the challenge period (disqualification in case of violation).
  • Bonus credits cannot be used in the challenge account (those who have a campaign code, please use it in the regular account).
  • If you lose 90% or more in the first week (performance below 10%), you can open a new challenge account and re-enter from the second week onwards (loser revival special rule).
  • Performance 100% = Balance of 10,000 JPY
  • You cannot participate with an existing challenge account (the challenge account used previously). Please participate from “Join Now”.
  • If you start trading before November 13th, you will be disqualified.


1st Place: Prize money of 1 million JPY 🔥🔥🔥

2nd Place: Prize money of 500,000 JPY 🔥🔥

3rd Place: Prize money of 200,000 JPY 🔥

Challenge Achievers: A 50% deposit bonus ticket valid until the end of December 2023 (*1)

* Presented within 5 business days after the challenge ends.

* The deposit ticket can be used for deposits after the ticket is received.

(*1) Presenting a 50% bonus ticket for the next deposit. The bonus is limited to one deposit only. Maximum bonus is 100,000 JPY ※ The bonus disappears if withdrawn or transferred. Not applicable with other campaigns. Deposits right after withdrawal are not eligible for the bonus ticket. Valid until January 31, 2024

How to Participate

1. Log in to MyPage.

2. Click on “Contest” in the menu to display the ongoing FX challenges.

3. Click “Participate”

4. A challenge account will be opened
 Don’t forget to set your Nickname!

5. Return to “Contest” in the menu, where you can confirm your account number in the list of participants.

6. Deposit 10,000 JPY into the challenge account, and you’re ready to participate!

* Even if your account is listed among participants, you won’t be considered as a participant until you deposit 10,000 JPY.

7. For instructions on how to edit the nickname of the challenge participant, please see here.

* Setting a nickname is also one of the conditions this time! Don’t forget to set yours!

Terms and Conditions

For FX Challenge terms and conditions, click here

How to Check Challenge Rankings

After logging into MyPage, click on your name on the Contest page to check.
* For participants only.

Contest Revenge Special Rule

Exclusive for those with a performance of 10% or less in the first week (loss of 90% or more)

A special chance to re-challenge with a new account in the FX Challenge from the next week!


If you suffer a loss of 90% or more in the first week (resulting in performance of 10% or below), you can apply for re-entry from the “FX Challenge Re-entry” section in your profile page and start the challenge again.

Performance 100% = Balance of 10,000 yen

*Re-entry applications are subject to approval. Once approved, we will set up a new challenge account for you and send an automatic email containing the login password to your email address.

Once you receive the automatic email, you can complete your re-entry by depositing another 10,000 yen!

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